Twitter Recap

I keep small updates on my Twitter account, but here’s a recap. I’ve been working on the book and the associated web pages.

My author site: stphenieyoung is now a flash site. That was fun to learn. I plan to work more on that so that there’s a non-flash version for those looking at the site from their phones or whatever. This site has a little blurb about me and has my blog page. It also has links to my other pages.

The actual book site is It’s mostly a placeholder page right now with some design and a short synopsis of the first book Im writing. The name of the series may even change before I publish. Mainly because I’ve designed a cool logo for The Ferox. is a fictional website. This website functions as if The Ferox were real. It is a site uses within the book (and later books). This site explains what The Ferox are and some of their history. There’s a forums page where people with abilities go to chat openly about their gifts and ability-related troubles. Later, there will be a section where people with abilities can advertise special services for sale. And later I’ll work on fun interactive stuff like a “What would my ability be” quiz. The forum is up and a lot of characters have signed up and entered their profiles. The general public can’t join at this time, but anyone can view the profiles.

I do have a regular job – well, more than one. So this is kind of slow going, but for anyone waiting for the book, I plan to have a first run print by Christmas. As a gift for my teenage daughter. I’m still not sure what’s going to happen with publishing. I need to finish the book first.

Thanks for checking out my site!


Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. My primary method of communication will be via Twitter. See my Twitter link to the right.

My name is Stephenie and I am an aspiring writer. I’m writing a book about a girl coming into her special abilities. As if being a hormomal teenager isn’t hard enough! Jennifer not only has to deal with her emotions, but the emotions of everyone around her. Jennifer is an empath.

Christopher is quiet but very clever. He’s an inventor. And he likes Jen. But does Jen really like him or is she just feeling HIS emotions?

Henry just started at Jen’s school. He’s nice to Jen and so hot that even the most popular girl in school wants to be with him. And Jen has no idea how he feels about her. Henry is the first person Jen has ever met that she couldn’t sense.

As Jen comes into her abilities, she becomes suspicious of Henry. And as she spends more time with Christopher, she is drawn into the danger that surrounds him. What will she do?

Only reading the book will tell you…