Payne of Oblivion

Ferox Payne Series #1

Jennifer Payne is a 16-year old Empath. For years, she thought that her emotions were out of control, but now she knows that she’s feeling the emotions of others. As her ability grows, she starts to notice strange behavior around her, and realizes that she’s not the only one with abilities.

Henry, a new student, arrives in Lexington, Kentucky, just as Jen gains control of her ability. He’s the first person that Jen can’t read, and it makes her suspicious. When a stranger warns her that Henry moved to the area to watch Ferox students, Jen investigates. Ferox are people with special abilities, like Jen and a few of her classmates. She decides to bring those classmates together and warn them about Henry, who isn’t what he seems.

Jen’s abilities continue to grow as she finds more and more Ferox at her school. A classmate accidentally uses her ability and needs Jen’s help. When Jen is kidnapped, she has to use her ability to gather information so that she can find the source of the danger.

Payne of Awakening

Ferox Payne Series #2

Jen’s friend, Victoria is excited about jockeying her first race. Jen and her friends go to the race track in Lexington to watch her run, and Jen notices Steve Lawson. He is known as “Lucky Lawson” at school. Jen recognizes him for what he is: Ferox. She sees that Steve likes Victoria and is helping her. But he’s also in trouble. By beating the odds at the races, he is changing the future and this attracts the attention of some powerful Ferox, drawing Steve into a dark and dangerous world.

At school, Jen learns that tests have been stolen at school, mysterious late-night parties happen at secure warehouses, there are Ferox-related thefts in the area. Jen suspects some Ferox students of the crimes and tries to help before someone is caught or killed.

Jen also has a mysterious connection with the girl that is using and hiding the power stone. If the wrong people get that stone, Chris is in danger. He could be forced to open a portal to another world and release a dangerous army. Jen has to learn who is behind all of the trouble in Lexington before something terrible happens.

Payne of Uncertainty

Ferox Payne Series #3

Jen’s Junior year is complete. Her busy summer begins when she manages a conference on the Ferox-only Justice Island. Jen then spends a month in Europe with her mentor, another Empath. There, she works hard to understand and improve her ability. She also meets other Ferox across Europe, where she receives a mysterious prophecy that she will be the lynchpin for a war, and she must gather people and artifacts.

Back in Kentucky, Jen begins working full-time for the Coraleon Kentucky Magistrate’s office. She’s valuable for gathering information. Jen is still connected to the girl with the power stone, who is heavily investigating the murder of her sister and other Morties. She traced it back to the Griffleon and the War Council. However, she’s being chased by a Mortie government agency and a Tracker sent by the people that she’s investigating.

Jen is also worried about her growing abilities. With practice, she is now very powerful, and doesn’t want people to notice her. But as she learns more and more about the Griffleon cage fights, kidnappings, deaths of kids, and plans to kill millions of Mortals, she has to do everything she can to fight them.

Payne of Awareness

Ferox Payne Series #4

Jennifer Payne started her Senior year of high school as a part-time student and full-time member of the Omnibellum government. She considered it her job to keep an eye on all of the Ferox around her.

There’s a plot to start the largest war in the history of the world, and Jen will do anything to prevent it. That plot hinges on the power stone. And Jen is connected with the current owner of the stone. Jen is watching a powerful Tracker who is after the stone. Since Jen knows that the end goal of getting the power stone is to open a portal, Jen decides to look for any stone she can find. She thinks she knows where the portal closing stone is and will have to work hard to get it.

Jen still hasn’t gotten over her attraction to Paul, her boss, partly because she knows that he’s attracted to her, too. Paul’s ex-girlfriend is angry at his interest in Jen, and is planning to destroy Paul. On top of that, Jen is worried about her mom’s failing health.