I keep small updates on my Twitter account, but here’s a recap. I’ve been working on the book and the associated web pages.

My author site: stphenieyoung is now a flash site. That was fun to learn. I plan to work more on that so that there’s a non-flash version for those looking at the site from their phones or whatever. This site has a little blurb about me and has my blog page. It also has links to my other pages.

The actual book site is lionheartseries.com. It’s mostly a placeholder page right now with some design and a short synopsis of the first book Im writing. The name of the series may even change before I publish. Mainly because I’ve designed a cool logo for The Ferox.

TheFerox.com is a fictional website. This website functions as if The Ferox were real. It is a site uses within the book (and later books). This site explains what The Ferox are and some of their history. There’s a forums page where people with abilities go to chat openly about their gifts and ability-related troubles. Later, there will be a section where people with abilities can advertise special services for sale. And later I’ll work on fun interactive stuff like a “What would my ability be” quiz. The forum is up and a lot of characters have signed up and entered their profiles. The general public can’t join at this time, but anyone can view the profiles.

I do have a regular job – well, more than one. So this is kind of slow going, but for anyone waiting for the book, I plan to have a first run print by Christmas. As a gift for my teenage daughter. I’m still not sure what’s going to happen with publishing. I need to finish the book first.

Thanks for checking out my site!