My First Draft is complete!! It’s 297 pages, 12pt, double-spaced. (In case you were curious.) I printed out 10 hard copies for my friends and family to proof. I need fresh eyes to help me find typos and grammatical errors. I’m also looking for feedback on my writing, plot and character building skills. Do they think my writing is marketable?

Once I get the copies back and make my revisions, my manuscript will be complete. Now I’m researching different publishing methods. Do I want to self-publish? Do I want to use a Print-On-Demand publisher? Do I want to get an agent and try to sell my book to a big house? A small house? Ah, decisions, decisions.

Sooo… if you’re anxious, feel free to check out my series page at And if you’re dying to read the first chapter, you’ll find a link to it on