I’m really on fire and the outline for Book Two is complete. In Book Two, Jen will learn a little more about the two Ferox factions called Griffleon and Coraleon and their roles in the government. She will learn that her friend Victoria had a little Ferox help winning her horse races thanks to her new boyfriend, “Lucky” Lawson.  She will help Steve after he gets pulled into the corrupt world of Ferox involvement in the horse racing industry. Henry, the Coraleon Ferox school representative will rely on Jen more and more to help him with other Ferox kids, especially since there is now a Griffleon school representative on the scene. Jen will also help Henry investigate unexplained Ferox deaths at the school. On top of the stress of her new Ferox duties, Jen will try to juggle school work, sports, her job, and her boyfriend. Chris will grow impatient and distant with Jen as their relationship becomes more strained.

I make no guarantees that this will be close to the summary of Book Two once it is complete. Sometimes my characters surprise me and their behaviors change the story. But that’s the joy of writing.