I’ve messed around with different cover design over time, but I decided it was time to get down to business. After all, in the next few months I plan to put a book up on Amazon. I came up with a design and I put my book covers up on Facebook to get my friends’ comments. I got some really good responses. One friend told me that the black and white cover for the first book looked like a technical book. Like How To Learn SQL or something. Here’s the first draft of the cover design:


Taking that to heart, I made adjustments. In the first book we are introduced to Henry’s mark, which is the sun and moon design on the cover. I added a blurb near the end of the book where we find out that Henry, like most Ferox, has gotten his mark altered with a little color. So now the cover design looks like the following, to represent Henry’s mark.


I may make more changes later, like adding a skin texture to the graphic, or adding a black outline. As for the title, the actual title tested well with friends, while the “JenKen Series #1 in the Ferox World” part did not. So that may change as well. Stick with me, though. The publishing end is in sight.