StephI’ve been a voracious reader my entire life. As a matter of fact, I had no life as a kid. My favorite pastime was curling up on my bed reading novels. I hated the outdoors. After all, that’s where they keep the dirt and the bugs! My parents wouldn’t let me play sports in high school, so all I had was the academic team. As a kid, my favorite series of books was Trixie Belden. As I got older I enjoyed romance novels and more recently – teen fiction. Don’t judge – I am the mother of a teenager, after all.

In high school I was an editor and contributor to the school literary magazine. I was regularly published in our regional literary magazine. I started writing a romance novel in high school, but didn’t get very far. My most lucrative writing piece was my scholarship essay. I still believe that the essay is what got me the biggest scholarship possible at my state university. As an adult, I love to read and my favorite thing to dig into is a good series.

In 2008, both the Harry Potter series and the the Twilight Saga were complete. My daughter and I were chatting about how we wished there was a new series for us to sink our teeth into. We started making things up and the juices started flowing. I began making notes about my fictional world. I developed characters and plots. I played around with names and bought web domains. In 2009, I decided I was going to do it; I was going to write a book. I gave myself a Christmas deadline to complete the book as a gift to my daughter. In November, I finished the book and got the draft printed at a local print shop. I sat back and waited for the family and friend reviews. They were sparse and a long time coming and I gradually moved onto new things.

At the beginning of 2012 I decided that it was time. I was not only going to go back and finish Book One of my Ferox series, but I was going to do two or three. And I was going to get published. 2012 brought big changes to my life. My daughter graduated from high school and went away to college. My company decided to cut an entire division and I lost my job. One thing I had in surplus near the end of 2012 was time. So I started writing, working on my websites, and further developing my fictional world. The Ferox World. (feroxworld.com)

Check out the timeline on Facebook for more details concerning the dates and milestones related to my writing.

stephenieyoung.com (this website) – is the receptacle for my thoughts and announcements. On it I talk about my writing, my books, and my websites.

feroxworld.com – Learn what it means to be Ferox. See book covers, read book summaries, and read sample chapters. Check out a list of abilities. Learn a little about the history of the Ferox.

omnibellum.com – Learn about the Government System of the Ferox. It is located on a secret island in the Pacific. The island is also home to the Ferox hospital, a coliseum, and a marketplace.