Welcome to the official website of Stephenie Young, author of the upcoming series of books featuring Jennifer Payne in the Ferox World. The Ferox are a group of people that are born with special abilities. Those abilities manifest at the onset of puberty and can create havoc during those important years of development. People of the Ferox can live hundreds of years. The Ferox government system is called Omnibellum and is located on Justice Island in the Pacific ocean.

Jennifer Payne, our heroine, is an Empath. Not only does she have to struggle through her own life but she has to endure the struggles of others through her ability.

For more information, see the book websites:

feroxworld.com – Learn what it means to be Ferox. See book covers, read book summaries, and read sample chapters. Check out a list of abilities. Learn a little about the history of the Ferox.

omnibellum.com – Learn about the Government System of the Ferox. It is located on a secret island in the Pacific. The island is also home to the Ferox hospital, a coliseum, and a marketplace.

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